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robust and earthy :
katsumi tsuru “shiboritate yamahi” $58/bottle
yuki no bosha “cabin in the snow” $48/bottle

dry :
houjun zuiyo junmaishu $35/bottle
michinoku onikoroshi $30/bottle


gret brut sparkling wine, new mexico $22 (365ml)
saint vincent sparkling rosé, new mexico $30
paul buisse crémant de loire, sparkling rose, france $30

torresella 2018 pinot grigio, italy $30
raymond 2017 sauvignon blanc, napa $30
horse & plow 2014 organic rosé, northcoast $42
tiki estate 2016 sauvignon blanc, new zealand $40
keenan 2015 chardonnay, napa valley $42
tiki estate 2019 pinot grigio, new zealand $40

horse & plow 2017 “the gardener” organic pinot noir $40


  sapporo/asahi/kirin $4.5 (12oz) / $7 (22oz)
sapporo black $9 (20oz)