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  five pieces ten pieces
maguro tuna
18 32
sake salmon
16 30
shiro-maguro albacore tuna
16 30
hamachi yellow tail
16 30
amaebi sweet shrimp
28 50
toro fatty tuna
34 62

assorted sashimi chef's choice ten pieces 28 twenty pieces 54 thirty pieces 76

NIGIRI two pieces

inari sweet fried tofu 5 shiro-maguro albacore tuna 7 sake salmon 7
tamago egg 5 kani crab 6 smoked salmon 7
unagi bbq eel 6 tobiko flying fish roe 6 albacore toro 10
ebi shrimp 5.5 hotategai scallop 7 taro fatty tuna 14
maguro tuna 7.5 hamachi yellow tail 7 amaebi sweet shrimp 10
    uni sea urchin (market price)


lion king california roll, topped with
salmon, french sauce 15
california roll snow crab, avocado 7.5
*spicy tuna roll fresh tuna 8.5
spicy scallop roll scallions, special house sauce 10
rock n roll bbq eel, avocado 8.5
caterpillar roll bbq eel, cucumber,
topped with avocado 15
dragon roll shrimp tempura, cucumber,
topped with eel, avocado 15
four seasons roll bbq eel, cucumber,
topped with crab, tuna, avocado 16
crunchy california roll deep fried california roll with unagi sauce and bonito flakes 10
warriors roll shrimp tempura, avocado, crab topped with seared salmon with unagi and mango sauce 16

tempura roll shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber 10
spider roll fried soft shelled crab, cucumber, avocado,
crab meat, topped with tobiko 13
hot tina roll spicy albocore tuna,
eel, cucumber, avocado 15
*oakland a's roll spicy tuna, avocado
topped with salmon, tobiko 15
super dynamite roll fried spicy tuna roll,
topped with a special hot sauce, tobiko, scallions 12
oakland pd roll shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, crab, avocado, topped with unagi 16
alicia roll tempura asparagus, avocado, seared spicy tuna, jalapeno, french sauce topped with tobiko 16
avocado roll (GF) 5
vegetable tempura roll deep fried seasonal
vegetables 11
*veggiepillar inari, cucumber with avocado on top 13

*can be made gluten free, please advise of any allergens or modifications as most rolls contain tobiko
GF-Gluten Free